Water Storage Tanks for Various Uses

Waters storage tanks come in all shapes and sizes. Be sure you pick the right one for your company’s needs the next time you buy

With the advent of green technology, water storage tanks are becoming more and more popular. These tanks can be used to conserve water, chill water, manage water, harvest water and much more. Water storage tanks come in varying shapes and sizes depending on what your storage needs are for your home or business.

Water Storage Tanks for Fire Protection

Because of increasing code requirements and safety issues, many commercial properties are installing fire protection water storage tanks. These tanks can be used as a standby supply to supplement a water system already in place that is pressurized. Or, the fire protection water storage tank could be used as a cistern for a dry hydrant system that stores water for when it is needed.

Potable Water Tanks

Potable water tanks are used for drinking water. These water tanks can be stored underground safely and are available in steel and fiberglass. Potable water tanks are perfect for homes that have well water because of the rotten egg smell that can come with well water.

If you are in need of a new water storage tank, or need to purchase one for your new home, be sure to contact Fairfield Maintenance at 1-800-246-1563 today to discuss your options.

Water Storage Tanks for Various Uses

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