Fuel Storage Tank Systems


Fuel storage tank systems can be found almost anywhere today, including gas stations, commercial properties, hospitals and municipal buildings

Fuel storage tanks are most commonly found in gas stations, where vehicles fuel up on a daily basis. Not only are tanks important, but also pumps, the piping and the accessories that go along with them. Fuel storage tanks, also known as petroleum storage tanks, these tanks range in composition from fiberglass to steel and can be single wall or double wall and be constructed and installed either aboveground or underground.

Location of Fuel Storage Tank Systems

Depending on the type of business you operate, the fuel storage tank system can be located in different areas. For the most part, fuel storage tanks at gas stations are installed underground, a couple of feet from where the pumps are built on the property. For other types of businesses, such as hospitals, municipalities and other commercial buildings, the fuel storage tank systems can be installed underground or aboveground depending on the preference of the businesses.

Fuel Storage Management Systems

Regular maintenance of your fuel storage system is very important because fuel is too precious to waste. With fuel prices rising and dropping and then rising again, you do not want to waste any of it because it becomes contaminated due to poor management of the tank. This is why you need to have tank system components checked. Fairfield Maintenance performs monthly compliance testing as required by law, making sure your system is working properly with minimum down time. You can manage the fuel storage tank by having it inspected on a regular basis or cleaned by a professional regularly.

Fuel Storage Tank Pumps and Dispensers

Operating a gas station requires more than just ordering more fuel when the tanks are running low. If you pumps or dispensers are not working properly your not going to be able to sell the product in the tanks. Fairfield can maintain your pumps, dispensers and submersible to keep your business going.

Single Wall vs. Double Wall

Single wall fuel storage tanks are not as common as they use to be but still can be found in some commercial sites. Double wall fuel storage tanks are the recommended choice. Double wall tanks give you piece of mind in the fact that if the primary (inner) tank fails you have the assurance of the secondary tank to contain the leak. The newer double wall tanks can safely store biofuels, petroleum fluids, ethanol blends, ethanol, biodiesel fuels, diesel exhaust fluid and ultra low sulfur diesel.

Hardware for Gas Stations

Operating a gas station requires constant upkeep and the replacement of miscellaneous hardware for the fuel storage tank systems. This hardware includes fill adaptors, valves, vent caps, fittings, nozzles, breakaways and hoses. These small items are inexpensive but are necessary to keep your station going.

Do you own a gas station or another commercial property that requires the installation of a fuel storage tank system? If so, contact Fairfield Maintenance today at 1-800-246-1563 to speak with an experienced representative about your fuel tank needs. You will be able to have all of your questions answered about the tank systems available for your fueling needs.

Fuel Storage Tank Systems

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