Benefits of Working with an Infrastructure Service Company

Infrastructure service companies make it easier for businesses such as gas stations to operate on a daily basis. An infrastructure service company in the petroleum industry will be able to help gas stations and other businesses manage their daily operations, increase business, handle gasoline and much more. A contract with an infrastructure service company is not just for gas stations. Any business or company that has storage tanks or fuel management equipment can use these services.

Industries That Use Services of an Infrastructure Company

Some of the industries that use the services of an infrastructure company include the following:

  • Municipalities
  • Transportation companies
  • Universities and colleges
  • Hospitals
  • Waste treatment facilities
  • Data centers
    Services Offered by Infrastructure Company

  • Equipment manufacturing distribution
  • Licensed installation contracting
  • Certified service provider
  • Fluid handling equipment
  • Fuel dispensing systems
  • Lighting and signage service and repairs
  • Repairs and service of gas pumps
  • Service and repairs of storage tank systems
    Handle Construction of Site

    One of the most popular services offered by an infrastructure company is that it can handle the construction of the site. The company will be able to design the site for you, or help you create the design, and then construct it. If you already have a site engineer or an architect, the infrastructure company will be able to work hand-in-hand with those entities to make sure the construction process is handled accurately and effectively.

    Other services that fall under this section include the planning of gas stations and/or gas stations with convenience stores. The service company will also be able to offer clients other site-related work, such as cleanup after the construction process and the installation of fuel tanks on the property.

    Service Contracts

    A popular feature offered by infrastructure service companies these days is the service contract. A service contract will help you keep your gas station, fuel tanks or other equipment running smoothly. The contract is an effort to prevent issues with the equipment or find problems in their infancy before things get out of control. Some service contracts also offer preventive maintenance plans to keep your equipment running efficiently.

    Equipment Sales

    Does your gas station, hospital or university need to purchase fuel tanks or other related equipment? If so, an infrastructure service company will be able to sell these items to your business. Once you purchase the items, they will be distributed by the company and even installed at your location.

    Compliance Management Services

    Another popular service offered by an infrastructure company is that of compliance management services with the NJDEP. These services include making sure your company complies with any of the following items:

  • Tank, line and leak testing
  • Resolving Notice of Violations (NOV)
  • Testing of vapor recovery
  • Containment testing
  • Testing of automatic tank gauges
  • Fuel system inspections on a monthly basis
  • Compliance management services

    Does your gas station or other type of business need the services of an infrastructure service company? If so, contact Fairfield Maintenance at 1-800-246-1563 today to speak with an experience representative about your company’s needs.

    Benefits of Working with an Infrastructure Service Company

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