8 Facts About DEF

8 Facts About DEF:

When it comes to a greener environment, diesel engines have been using a technology called selective catalytic reduction or SCR. This reform has come forth due to the EPA requiring diesel filters on trucks three-quarter-ton and larger in 2008. Under the EPA, biannual smog tests, which include a visual inspection, was also required. The regulations have gotten tighter as of 2010.

One of the main elements in SCR is what we refer to as diesel exhaust fluid or DEF. The main function of DEF is that when it is injected into decompress ammonia and carbon dioxide when injected into an aqueous area.

When it comes to DEF, the storing and dispensing of DEF needs to be done with care. DEF is corrosive to many metals so when handling, one should take precautionary measure as well.

Fairfield Maintenance has many years of experience dealing with DEF on the design and furnish side of working with the fluid. We also can provide a dispensing system for your facility if needed. When it comes to DEF, there are many misconceptions associated with the fluid. We here at Fairfield Maintenance thought it would be good to clear up those misconceptions and provide you with some facts regarding DEF.

  1. What exactly is DEF?

Diesel exhaust fluid is comprised mainly of water that has been deionized and is part urea. Urea, which is a derivative of urine byproducts is made synthetically so no animals have been harmed in the creation of the fluid. Also, DEF is regulated by the American Petroleum Institute for any problems.

  1. You can get DEF anywhere.

Not everywhere sells DEF. To ensure that you are receiving the proper fluid, contact us at Fairfield Maintenance and we can provide DEF to you and your company.

  1. What are the cons of a DEF-equipped truck?

The one and really only major con we found is that if you are to purchase a DEF-equipped truck, it going to cost you more. The other con(s) when related to your truck is that DEF needs additional room in your vehicle and adds a bit of weight to the vehicle.

  1. What pros does DEF provide?

DEF has many pros for people who choose to buy a DEF-equipped truck. To start off, your vehicle will have better fuel economy, increased power, have a decrease in vehicle maintenance, less wear and tear on your engine and it releases harmless nitrogen and water into the atmosphere, keeping it greener than most emissions from other vehicles. Also, it’s very reliable.

  1. When the weather is above average temperature, DEF will evaporate.

This is a common misconception about DEF. For DEF to turn back into ammonia and evaporate, you would need to keep DEF in a storage area of a constant 120 degrees for two years. You can sign a breathe of relief now that you know it.

  1. When it comes to operating a vehicle, DEF will kill my fuel mileage.

This is completely false. When a manufacturer is creating engines, they are able to tune the engine any way they would like. By doing this, an engine can allow DEF and SCR to get rid of pollutants and make the engine run better. In turn, your vehicle may actually get better fuel mileage as compared to those who systems use smog-reduction. You may see an improvement of fuel mileage of as much as 5%.

  1. DEF is a new technology that hasn’t been tested. It’s unsafe.

Again, this is false as well. Both SCR and DEF have been used on agricultural and commercial applications for decades and has not been a problem.

  1. DEF is a toxic fluid.

Urea has been used on agricultural applications for decades before it was introduced into the automotive industry. Besides for DEF, urea is used in animal feed, plastics, fertilizers, many pharmaceutical applications and cleaning agents. Urea being used in cleaning may have started the “toxic hysteria.” When it comes to other fluids that run in your vehicle, DEF is less toxic than brake fluid, antifreeze and windshield washing fluid.

Now that you’ve seen the benefits that DEF provides and what is not true about DEF, you can see why it’s a useful resource. For any other questions about DEF or to purchase some from us, feel free to contact us at 1-800-246-1563 or email us at info@fairfieldmaintenance.com.

8 Facts About DEF

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