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Service Division

Our Service Division Provides Full Service Maintenance & Repairs For Full Service Gas Stations

Fairfield Maintenance located in Fairfield, NJ, is a leading service provider for vehicle fuel dispensing, fuel management, and fuel storage tank systems for accounts of any size. In addition to major oil companies, we service small businesses such as independent gas station owners as well as homeowners.

Service Station Maintenance

The foundation of our business is still a vital part of what we do at Fairfield Maintenance. Our competitive hourly rates, preventive maintenance plans, equipment service contracts, and site inspections cover everything that keeps gas pumps, gas tanks, and mechanics bays working like a well-oiled machine:

  • Gas pump service/repairs
  • Storage tank system service/repairs
  • Fuel management systems service/repairs
  • Oil/water separator service/repairs
  • Plumbing and electrical service/repairs
  • Signage and lighting service/repairs
  • Service contracts
  • Preventive maintenance plans

Emergency Power Fuel Systems

Data centers simply cannot afford power outages and therefore rely on emergency power generators to maintain operations at all times. Those generators rely on Fairfield Maintenance for their mission-critical emergency power fuel systems. We ensure that a reliable source of energy reaches data centers’ emergency power generators when it’s needed, 24/7, to manage and continue facility operations.

Compliance management

Fairfield Maintenance also offers customers a list of NJDEP compliance management services.

  • Notice of violations (NOV) issues resolved
  • Tank, line and leak detector testing
  • Vapor recovery testing
  • Automatic tank gauge testing
  • Containment testing
  • NJDEP compliance management services
  • Monthly fuel system inspections
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