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Commercial & Retail Petroleum Equipment Supplies & Installation Services

Fairfield Maintenance is one of the largest petroleum equipment suppliers in the area. We specialize in the sale, installation and maintenance of vehicle fueling systems.  We sell tanks, pumps, pipe and accessories used in the gasoline retail industry and the commercial and home heating oil industries.

Petroleum Storage Tanks

We offer a full range of petroleum storage tanks. We specialize in made-to-order tanks, from fiberglass or steel, single wall or double wall, aboveground or underground.  If you need to store a petroleum fuel, we have a tank to meet your specifications.

Petroleum Pumps and Dispensers

Fairfield Maintenance offers a variety of submersible pumps, suction pumps and dispensers for the commercial and retail industries.  We also inventory small consumer pumps for small above ground tank applications.

Containment Pipe, Sumps and Manholes

We stock a variety of double wall containment piping systems,  containment sumps and spill containment manholes for the petroleum  industry.

Fuel Management

Fuel is too precious  to waste,  Fairfield offers various fuel management systems that monitor your tanks and track vehicle fuel usage.

Fuel Supply Systems

Tank Filling Systems, Packaged Pump Sets and Skid-Mounted Pump Sets provide a complete range of solutions for filling fuel tanks safely and easily. 

Gas Station Hardware

Whether its  valves or fittings, vent caps or fill adaptors, hoses or nozzles, if it's used in a gasoline station chances are we have it on the shelf. 

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