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Construction Division

Fairfield Maintenance Is One Of New Jersey's Leading Providers Of Construction & Installation Services For The Petroleum Industry

Our construction division can take your specialized project, large or small, through the entire construction process, start to finish. We offer full design-build construction services for the petroleum industry that include facility design, layout, site engineering, and installation. We’ll even handle the permitting process for you. And we’ll help you select the proper equipment for the job at competitive prices.
Fairfield Maintenance and its seasoned construction crews are licensed, certified by NJDEP, and fully insured. Our portfolio provides some great examples of the scope of our projects and the professional results.

Storage Tank Installation and Removal

Whether you're a homeowner or major oil company, Fairfield Maintenance can help you with all your storage tank requirements. Our crews have installed and removed thousands of storage tanks over the years, from residential heating oil tanks to storage tanks at commercial facilities and retail gasoline stations. Our expert construction crews will tackle the job safely and efficiently.


Environmental Contractors

With a long history in storage tank systems and a deep commitment to environmental protection, Fairfield performs comprehensive closures and subsurface evaluations and if required remediation for leaking tanks. We offer our services to industrial, commercial and residential clients, throughout New Jersey.
Our environmental services include:

  • Tank closures – Fairfield Maintenance is certified and licensed by the State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to perform storage tank closures.
  • Subsurface evaluations -- our experts will conduct closure and subsurface evaluation work at regulated underground storage tank locations.
  • Soil test boring, groundwater testing – we perform soil and groundwater investigations and phase 1 and phase 2 environmental site assessments
  • Soil remediation, contamination cleanups
  • Liquid disposal
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