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Safe & Environmentally Friendly Storage Tanks For Chemical Application

Proper chemical storage is necessary to minimize potential hazards associated with leaks and spills. Chemical storage tanks provided by Fairfield Maintenance are designed and engineered for a variety of chemical applications. Choosing the proper storage tank is critical to the environment. We offer plastic, fiberglass and stainless steel chemical storage tanks in a vast array of sizes, shapes and configurations. 

Polyethylene Storage Tanks

Our high density linear polyethylene tanks are highly versatile and are used most frequently for chemical  bulk storage. These tanks are designed for either  indoor or outdoor use.

Fiberglass Storage Tanks

We also provide fiberglass tanks.  Our manufacturers special composite and unique fabrication process is especially advantageous for storing potentially hazardous materials. Fiberglass is non-corrosive which makes it a perfect option for storing most chemicals. These tanks are a great choice for underground leachate collection, hospital emergency wash down areas and industrial sites.

Stainless Steel Storage Tanks

Stainless steel has many unique properties that may make it the best choice for chemical storage.  Our stainless storage tanks are manufactured from 304, 304L, 316, or 316L stainless steel.  Stainless steel  is inherently corrosion resistant, has high mechanical properties and resists staining.   When the total life cycle cost is considered, stainless steel is often the least expensive material option.  These tanks are highly customizable and can be designed to fit in locations other style tanks cannot.

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